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Tips for choosing fabrics to make a Bargello:

A Bargello is a unique quilt constructed with strips of fabric and designed to create movement. A Bargello looks quite intricate with its waves and curves, tiny pieces, and splashes of color. However, once you learn the technique, it is quite simple. It becomes the perfect pattern for color play and experimentation. 
The key to creating a beautiful Bargello is fabric color and print. A full range of shades of one color can create a stunning monochromatic piece, or shades of several colors can be combined for a splash of color. Batiks lend themselves beautifully to create a watercolor effect. 

You will need 10 fabrics. Use the following tips to help you choose.
1) choose 1-4 colors. This will set the overall tone of the quilt. 
2) for each color, you will need a range of shades- light, medium and dark
For example, for a monochromatic, you might choose ten shades of brown from cream to dark brown. For a more colorful quilt, you could choose three colors. For each color, you will need a light, medium, and dark fabric. 
3) lay them out in order to see the progression from dark to light. 
4) the print on the fabric should be very small. Because the pieces are small, large prints don't work very well. You might see only one or two colors in a large print, throwing off the planned color scheme. 

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Our first class, "The Classic Bargello" will run six weeks. You will learn the basic techniques to create this stunning quilt, including step by step instructions for cutting, sewing, and unsewing strips, as well as special tips to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

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